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By law, the Census Bureau cannot release any identifiable information about you, your home, or your business, even to law enforcement agencies. That's protected under Title 13 of the U.S. Code. the Census Bureau will never share information with immigration enforcement agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), law enforcement agencies like the police or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), or allow this information to be used to determine eligibility for government benefits. So, let’s make sure everyone in Aberdeen counts.

            The Aberdeen Economic Business Council

            Student Internship Program


            Advisory Boards and Commissions 

             A. Creation; Members. There shall be an advisory board known as the Aberdeen Economic Business Council consisting of nine members appointed by the Township Manager for terms ending January 31 of each year. The chairperson of Aberdeen Economic Business Council is to be selected by a majority of committee members thereafter. All vacancies shall be promptly filled by appointment by the Township Manager for the remainder of the unexpired term. A member of the Township Council shall serve as an ex-officio member of this Aberdeen Economic Business Council.

            B. Duties. The Aberdeen Economic Business Council Shall:
            •Inquire into, survey and publicize the extent, advantages and utility of vacant land in the Township designated by the master plan as suitable for commercial or industrial development:
            •Study and analyze the various business industry located in the township with a view to ascertaining the opportunity for expansion.
            •Advertise the advantages and opportunities, and the availability of real estate in the township, and encourage and accomplish commercial development within the township;
            •Serve as a liaison between Township Council and the business community to address issues of mutual concern;
            •Review proposed State and Federal regulations for their potential impact upon the business community, and to advise the Township Council accordingly;
            •Inquire into the availability of State and Federal grants to encourage economic growth in the Township;
            •To perform any other functions as specifically requested by Township Council.

            (1973 Code 2-21.1; Ord. No. 15-1992; Ord. No. 2-1995)

            Business Council Addendum

            2-47.1 Advisory Boards and Commission

            Aberdeen Economic Business Council
            1.The business Council shall meet once a month on the second Monday of every month
            2.Business Council members will be responsible for recommending and voting in new Business Council vacancies. These individuals will then be officially appointed by Township Manager
            3.An existing Business Council member shall be nominated and then appointed as the Treasurer each year. Authorization for the release of all funds and expenses shall be voted upon by the existing Business Council members.
            4.All proposed business matters which fall under the duties of the Business Council pertaining to the alteration or recommendation of town ordinances must be passed through the Business Council with a majority popular vote before presentation to the Town Council.
            5.All matters agreed upon by the Business Council must be formally presented in writing to the Town Council for review and approval.
            6.If a Business Council member is not in attendance of a meeting, email voting will be acceptable.

            For a listing of businesses located in Aberdeen, please click here:

            PDF List



            Carmine S. Visone, Chairman
            C: 732-778-0599
            W: 732-290-0033

            Carmine S. Visone is a graduate from St. John’s University with a B.S. in Accounting and went on to achieve his Master’s of Business in Finance and Management at Wagner College.  Right out of the gate, Carmine worked for ABN-AMRO Bank for 20 years rising to the position of a Regional Senior Vice President.  He reported directly to the Chairman of the Board and was highly regarded in the International Banking Industry for managing and directing the Internal Audit, Disaster Recovery, Systems Security and Regulatory Compliance Function for the North American Region.  Along with a career change and his move to Holmdel over 20 years ago, little did he know he would build up one of the most prestigious accredited private schools in the area along with his wife, Phyllis.  Home Away From Home Academy, on Route 34 in Aberdeen, has become his pride and joy, an accredited school serving Infants through Elementary students.  He is also a published author of, “The Visone Method: A New Philosophy in Early Childhood Education”.  For the past several years he has been serving as the Chairman of the Aberdeen Economic Business Council.  For more information on Carmine, or Home Away From Home Academy, please visit

            James Dolan
            W: 732-583-1200

            Real estate executive Jim Dolan was appointed to the EBC in 2016. A licensed Realtor, Jim is a principal of Aberdeen-based Florham Realty Management, LLC, a commercial real estate development and management company whose holdings include the Aberdeen Townsquare shopping center on Route 34 and over 15 other properties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Jim graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  He is an active board member for the Janet Fund, an organization devoted to awareness, education and prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in children.  

            Eugene Demarco

            C: 732-241-5014

            Maxine Rescorl, Zoning Secretary
            W: 732-583-4200 Ext. 101

            David Shah
            C: 201-400-2275

            Dharmesh Shah (David Shah) holds his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from  renowned M.S. University in Vadodara, Gujarat in India. He came to the U.S.A. in September  1988. He immediately started working for a construction company in Long Island City, N.Y., and simultaneously pursued his Master’s degree from N.J.I.T. Upon graduation, he thought of having his own business and eventually got in to the laundromat business in 1995. During that time, he saw a great deal of interest in Dunkin Donuts franchises and eventually purchased three Dunkin Donuts stores in 2000.  Today, he owns nine Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins stores in Middlesex and Monmouth counties. Over time, he developed an interest in serving the community and joined the EBC in 2014.

            Bill Parness
            C: 732-673-6852
            W: 732-290-0121

            Bill Parness, a member of the EBC since its inception, is Principal of Parness & Associates, an Aberdeen-based public relations and marketing communications firm primarily serving national clients in the legal, asset valuation/liquidation, commercial real estate, private label credit card, retail store design, and branding/package design fields. Locally, the firm has served as PR counsel to retail real estate brokerage R.J. Brunelli & Co. since 1989, Aberdeen Township since 1999 and, more recently, Advanced Tire & Auto Center.  Over the years, the firm has also represented one of the nation’s largest mall owners, various regional and national franchise companies, as well as manufacturers, engineering and architectural firms. A resident of Aberdeen since 1977, Bill formed the firm in 1979 after spending five years as an editor on retail business publications in Manhattan. He graduated from New York University with a B.A. in journalism and also attended NYU’s graduate school of business. To learn more about Parness & Associates, visit


            Sue McGowan
            Cell: 732-614-4025

            Jason Patel

            Dr. Lenny Somarriba 
            W: 732-333-6360

            Dr. Leonard J Somarriba, PT, DPT, CSCS, is a co-owner of ProFysio Physical Therapy, an outpatient physical therapy center that opened in 2013 on Route 34 with another location in   Holmdel on Route 35.  Dr. Somarriba received his Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of Connecticut in 2006.  He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Montana in 2008.  Dr. Somarriba also did his Fellowship training in manual therapy at the prestigious Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy in Woburn, MA.  He has extensive training and experience in the management and treatment of orthopedic injuries and ailments including spinal pathology, joint related dysfunction, and muscle/tendon disrepair.


            Fred Tagliarini, Mayor
            C: 732-796-8921

            Dan Mason, Acting Town Manager
            W: 732-583-4200 ext. 117




            EBC Accomplishments…



            What’s the Aberdeen Economic Business Council (EBC) been up to?  Here’s a list of what the group has accomplished since its formation in early 2012 through March 2015.


            • Working in cooperation with Matawan Regional High School (MRHS) and the Aberdeen Township Council, developed and administered a contest for students to create an official slogan for Aberdeen. The winning entry: “Our Community, Our Neighborhood, Our Town.” 


            • Worked with Aberdeen Zoning Department to change business signage ordinances. Under EBC proposal adopted by the Township Council, zoning ordinances now allow businesses to utilize approved promotional signage over designated periods for grand openings and other special events throughout the year for a reasonable fee.


            • Worked with Aberdeen Recreation Department, The Township Council, various other groups and the business community, to transform Aberdeen Day into an event that goes beyond the traditional afternoon celebration at the high school, with activities now running from morning to night at various venues throughout the township.


            • Worked with Mayor Fred Tagliarini and the Township Council to develop and administer Aberdeen’s first annual job fair in June 2013. The highly successful event, now in its third year, features over 35 private and public sector employers and draws over 400 job-seekers. In 2014, EBC partnered with students from the Matawan Regional High School Business Academy in the planning and implementation of the job fair, which now takes place at the school.


            • Arranged for EBC members to conduct lectures for students in MRHS Business Academy.


            • Worked with Zoning Department and Township Council to create regulations permitting outdoor dining during warm weather months at Aberdeen food businesses where site conditions are right and leases allow such activity.


            • Developed Grand Opening program to welcome new businesses to Aberdeen, including EBC and Aberdeen Township Council participation in grand opening activities, preparation/issuance of a press release announcing the new business, provision of welcome gifts from EBC members, and follow-up visits by EBC members to answer business owner questions.


            • Working on attracting new businesses to town through meetings with prominent real estate brokers and other measures.


            • Held open meetings with Aberdeen business community.


            • Created quarterly EBC newsletter to keep Aberdeen businesses up-to-date on EBC activities and developments throughout the Township.


            • Worked with Aberdeen Township Council and Administration to create the position of Business Liaison, a point-person for existing business owners and those opening in the municipality for issues ranging from zoning, building permits and certificates of occupancy, to outdoor dining, parking, loading zones, and permanent signage. 


            • Developed emergency contact database for all Aberdeen business owners. Registrants are also able to receive occasional advisories from the Township and EBC.


            • Held First Annual EBC Dinner in March 2015, attracting over 115 members of the business community and government. The program featured a networking cocktail hour, a sit-down dinner, and presentations by Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and professionals discussing the Affordable Care Act and SBA lending.


            2019 First Quarter Newsletter

            Aberdeen Economic Business Council's First Annual Dinner Photos

            2015 Job Fair

            2015 Grand Openings


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