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            Block Party Permit

            Permission is hereby requested to partially blockade the road(s) as noted subject to the following conditions:

            • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the street
            • As Block Party Chair, you assume responsibility to see that any emergency vehicles quickly gain access to the partially blockaded area.
            • As Block Party chair, you also assume responsibility to notify ALL residents of the event on the street that is being partially blockaded.
            • Blockades provided by the Township's Public Works Department shall be available for pickup the first business morning following the Block Party.
            • The Township of Aberdeen shall be reimbursed $20.00 for each blockade if lost or damaged.
            • Block Party area must be left in a clean condition, free of litter or debris.
            • Block Party is to be conducted in an orderly manner.

            By granting approval for this Block Party, it is hereby understood that the Township of Aberdeen assumes no liability.

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