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We have been receiving inquiries from several residents asking if the property tax bill grace period will be extended another few weeks due to the COVID 19 pandemic. As of today the Township is not the authority that can authorize the approval to extend the property tax due date, this lies with the Governor and our State Legislature. If we receive information regarding extending the grace period we will send out information as soon as possible on all of the Township information outlets, please continue to follow the Township.


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Beginning tomorrow, March 18, 2020 garbage/recycling pick-up will begin at 4:00 a.m. Please have your garbage/recyclables at curbside the night before your scheduled pick-up.

            Registrar of Vital Statistics


            The Registrar of Vital Statistics is charged with recording, maintaining, and making available all records of birth, marriage, Civil Unions and deaths occurring in the Township of Aberdeen. Copies of Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Union records may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office ONLY IF they occurred in the Township of Aberdeen.


            Please note that marriage license application are by appointment only 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

            WHERE DO I APPLY?

            Township of Aberdeen Municipal Building, 1 Aberdeen Square, Aberdeen, NJ 07747


            To apply for a marriage license in Aberdeen Township, either the bride or groom, or both, must be a resident of Aberdeen Township. Your valid picture ID driver’s license must reflect the Aberdeen address.

            If you live out of state, but you are getting married in Aberdeen Township, then you must apply for your marriage license in Aberdeen Township. Your valid picture ID driver’s license must reflect your current out of state address.

            You will need to bring one witness, over 18, who knows both the bride and groom. The witness must have a valid picture ID driver’s license reflecting current address.

             If there is a prior marriage for one or both parties, you  must bring your divorce papers.

            You must know the name and address of the officiant, who must be recognized by the State of New Jersey as permitted to perform marriages.

            You must know your parents places of birth (state), and mothers’ maiden names.

            Any documents in a foreign language must be translated into English prior to making your appointment. The document must be certified and notarized on the translator’s letterhead. A copy cannot be accepted.

            The fee for the marriage license is $28, payable in cash, check payable to the Township of Aberdeen, or credit/debit card.

            Once you complete the marriage license application and take the oath, there is a 72 hour waiting period before you can pick up the license to get married. The application for a license is good for six months. Once the marriage license is issued to the bride and groom, the license expires in 30 days. The expiration date is on the license.

            Your officiant will tell you you need two witnesses for the actual marriage ceremony.

            Once the marriage takes place, the officiant and your two witnesses sign the four copies of the marriage license. The two white copies are returned via mail by the officiant to the town in which the marriage took place; an envelope is provided with the Registrar of that town. By law the license copies must be returned within five (5) days of the date of the ceremony. The pink copy of the marriage license goes to the bride and groom. It is not a legal document but rather for an album. The blue copy of the marriage license goes to the officiant for his records.



            If you want a certified copy of your marriage license, which is a legal document that can be used to change names, go on insurance, etc., you apply in the town in which you got married.  You complete the form, each copy is $10, show your picture ID driver’s license or two other forms of ID. You can request copies via mail or in person.



            If you want a certified copy of a death certificate or birth certificate, providing the birth or death took place in Aberdeen Township, there is a form to complete, provide proofs of relationship. The fee is $10 per copy. You can also obtain copies of birth and/or death certificates from the State of New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics and Registrar, located in Trenton, NJ

            Contact Information

            Maxine Rescorl

            Karen Ventura
            Deputy Registrar

            Applications & Forms

            Vital Records Application

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