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            Police Operations


            The patrol function is carried out by two platoons of police officers.  Each platoon is supervised by two sergeants.

            Traffic Safety

            The traffic safety bureau is supervised by a sergeant and consists of four officers and fourteen school crossing guards.  The bureau conducts traffic surveys, special enforcement details, and crash investigations.  Officers are available to present traffic safety programs to schools and community groups.  Click on the links below for additional information:


            (Law Enforcement Against Drugs)

            The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District in conjunction with the Aberdeen Police Departments, is presenting a drug and alcohol abuse education program at your child's elementary school. The primary emphasis of the program is to assist students in recognizing and resisting pressures that influence them to experiment with drugs and alcohol. The curriculum is presented by a uniformed police officer and will cover such topics as how to say no to peers, building self-esteem and alternatives to drug use and violence.


            Contact Information

            Alan W. Geyer

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