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            Domestic Violence Response Team

            Domestic Violence Response Team Program

            Volunteers Needed For Victim Advocacy

            180-Turning Lives Around, in collaboration with the Aberdeen Township police department, has a team of specially-trained Volunteer Victim Advocates available to meet confidentially with domestic violence victims at police headquarters. The volunteers, whose identities are kept anonymous, work in conjunction with the police to provide support, information, referrals and options, and a safety plan to the victims at the time of crisis. The advocates also discuss with the victim their legal rights in regard to obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order. The Volunteer Advocates are civilian members of the community.

            180-Turning Lives Around will be conducting the next mandatory 40-hour certification training for new DVRT Volunteer Advocates October 5-28, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, 6-9PM at Howell Township Police Department Headquarters. There is no fee for the training. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, have access to transportation, possess a valid driver’s license, be willing to serve on an on-call shift basis, participate in the interview process, and submit to background investigations and fingerprinting. Prior knowledge of domestic violence is not required. The local police departments and 180-Turning Lives Around are committed to a culturally diverse team to better serve the community, therefore bi-lingual capability is a plus.

            For more information or to obtain an application to train to be a Volunteer Advocate, please contact us.

            Contact Information

            Darrell Oliver
            Phone: (732) 583-4200 ext. 762

            180 Turning Lives Around 
            24-hour Confidential Domestic Violence Hotline
            (732) 264-4111 or 1 (888) 843-9262
            In an emergency, dial 911



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