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            3/3/2017 - New Sponsorship Program

            Aberdeen Township has introduced a new sponsorship program that will offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses on a yearly and event-by-event basis.


                        The sponsorships, which range in price from $500 to $6,000, provide sponsors with exposure in print, Huskievision, posters, flyers, banners, signage, the township’s website and Facebook page.

             Opportunities include:

            •  Full-Year Sponsorship – Sponsorship of all events, including Aberdeen Day. Fee is $6,000, but with a 50% discount extended to Aberdeen businesses.
            •  All Year Sponsorship – Sponsorship of all events, excluding Aberdeen Day. Fee is $4,000, with a 50% discount extended to Aberdeen businesses.
            •  Movie Series Sponsorship – Sponsorship of Aberdeen’s three summer outdoor movies. Fee is $1,500, with a 50% discount extended to Aberdeen businesses.
            •  Individual Annual Event Sponsorship – Sponsorship of one annual event: Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Fireworks, Doo-Wop Concert & Car Show or Christmas Tree Lighting. Fee is $1,000 per event.
            •  Special Events Sponsorship – Sponsorship of smaller events that are scheduled over the course of the year (for example, Daddy/Daughter Dance at the Cliffwood Beach Community Center). Fee is $500 per event.

                  “Aberdeen’s shops and restaurants attract patrons from the township and surrounding communities who also come to Aberdeen for the diverse special events that we offer throughout the year,” said Mayor Fred Tagliarini.  “Sponsorship of these events is a great way to reach these individuals and help provide this outstanding programming to the community.”

                   For more information on the program, contact Brittany Shea, Public Information Officer, at (732) 583-4200, ext. 130.



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