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            The Aberdeen Township Council has announced the appointment of Ken Marr, Jr. as the municipality’s full-time Code Enforcement Officer. 

             Marr, who has lived in Monmouth County for most of his life, brings nearly 30 years of experience working on behalf of a number of municipalities in the county. Prior to getting the full-time position in Aberdeen Township, he spent three years in the code enforcement and property maintenance offices of Keyport and Matawan boroughs, and, more recently, served Aberdeen on a part-time basis.

                 Previously, Marr served 26 years as a police officer for a Monmouth County municipality, where he also held the positions of Deputy and Coordinator in the Office of Emergency Management.

                 Along with his career in law enforcement, Marr’s experience includes serving as a volunteer first aid EMT for ten years in Matawan, as a licensed fire inspector and fire official in Keyport for 15 years, and as a volunteer firefighter for 29 years in Keyport, where he rose to the level of chief for four years.  

                He has received training from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs on Code Enforcement and Local Delivery and from the Rutgers Center for Government Services in the areas of Introduction to Zoning Administration and Code Enforcement.

                 “My goal is to educate residents and businesses on code enforcement, to promote a cleaner, healthier and safer Aberdeen,” said Marr.  “As a police officer for 26 years, I’ve written enough summons. As a code enforcement officer, I have a hard time writing a summons for a homeowner who is having trouble covering their mortgage or a small business struggling to survive. Accordingly, first-time violators will be given the opportunity to correct the issues before penalties are levied.” 

                 “We are very pleased to now have Ken on board on a full-time basis,” said Township Manager Holly Reycraft.  “During the six months when he worked for us part-time, Ken established a remarkable rapport with members of the business community and residents, displaying a willingness to work with them on our efforts to keep Aberdeen a great place to live and work. We look forward to his continued contributions in the years ahead.”

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