Leaf pick up begins this Tuesday, November 13th in Cliffwood Beach, Heather Glen, Santa Fe & Strathmore Sections A,D,F,N&O. Piles containing any kind of brush, vines, vegetative waste or branches will not be picked up. This service is to help the residents and not hinder the employees or damage the equipment when vacuuming the leaves. Please work with us to make this a safe and successful program. Thank you!


The Zoning Board scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th has been cancelled.

            Township Latest News

            4/24/2018 - Posting of Yard/Garage Sale Signs
            The posting of yard or garage sales signs on utility poles, traffic signals and traffic signs is illegal. Aberdeen Township also has an ordinance on the placing of signs along township property. Please note this is dangerous, especially at intersections. Code enforcement will be monitoring this issue on weekends. Notice of violations/summons will be issues to those found to be in violation

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