Leaf pick up begins this Tuesday, November 13th in Cliffwood Beach, Heather Glen, Santa Fe & Strathmore Sections A,D,F,N&O. Piles containing any kind of brush, vines, vegetative waste or branches will not be picked up. This service is to help the residents and not hinder the employees or damage the equipment when vacuuming the leaves. Please work with us to make this a safe and successful program. Thank you!


The Zoning Board scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th has been cancelled.

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            11/8/2018 - JCP&L Scheduling Tree Work
            An important part of providing reliable electric service for you and your neighbors is clearance between electric wires and trees. JCP&L is currently scheduling tree work to help prevent outages and related problems. This tree work will be done at no expense to you and will be completed by professional tree contractors using proper arbori-cultural pruning practices. This work will start after Monday, November 12, 2018. Below is a list of streets that will be impacted by this work.

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