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            1/2/2019 - Christmas Tree Pick Up


            Christmas trees will be picked up the DPW.Place the trees by the curb, but OFF the road.If you have a sidewalk, place it between the curb and the sidewalk, otherwise place it on the lawn by the curb.Christmas tree pick up will start on the week of January 7, 2019 as follows:


            Week of Jan 7th: Cliffwood Beach, Heather Glen, Santa Fe, & Strathmore sections A, D, F, N, O

            Week of Jan 14th: Cliffwood, High School area, Heritage Estates, Storyland, Woodbrook, and Strathmore sections W, B, C

            Week of Jan 21st: Oakshades, Freneau and Strathmore sections I, J

            Last Sweep Week of Jan 28th, for all sections.




            No Christmas tree can be left out by the curb pass January 31st, it must be taken to the Department of Public Works yard at 147 Lenox Road, Aberdeen, NJ07747.Remove all lights before disposing of the Christmas trees.


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