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Due to a garbage truck breaking down, it is taking longer than usual for garbage to be collected. If your trash has yet to be collected, please leave it out by the curb it will be picked up by this evening or tomorrow morning. 

            Township Latest News

            9/29/2020 - County Clerk Hanlon Informs Voters of New 2020 General Election Process, per State Mandate

            County Clerk Hanlon Informs Voters of New 2020 General Election process, per State Mandate

            laptopMonmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon has prepared an informational video that explains the major changes to the 2020 November General Election process, pursuant to State law. Some of the key changes include:

            • Mail-in ballots will automatically be sent to all active registered voters by October 5, 2020
            • Limited polls will be open on Election Day but only for voting on provisional paper ballots
            • No voting machines will be available at the polls on Election Day, except for disabled voters
            • Paper provisional ballots will be counted by the Board of Elections only after all mail-in ballots are counted
            • So, vote your mail-in ballot early! Be counted first!

            To watch the Clerk's video, please visit our Facebook page or website at We encourage you to share this important election information with your friends and neighbors!

            dropboxBoard of Elections Announces Drop Box Locations in Monmouth County

            The County Board of Elections, a separate and independent office from the County Clerk, has recently announced the 17 drop box locations for voters to deposit their completed mail-in ballots. The locations can be viewed on our website,

            The drop boxes are under video surveillance and are monitored by the Board of Elections Office, which can be reached at 732-431-7802.

            Voters can drop their Mail-In Ballots into these drop boxes for counting anywhere in the County up until 8 p.m. on November 3, 2020. You do not have to be a resident of the town in which the drop box is in.

            It is important to know that voters must utilize the envelopes provided with the ballot and must seal the ballot inside the inner envelope before delivering via drop box. Ballots that are not contained in the original envelopes may be voided by the Board of Elections.

            In addition to using a drop box, voters may also deliver their mail-in ballots for counting via U.S. Postal Service mail, in-person to the Board of Elections Office at 300 Halls Mill Road in Freehold, or in-person at their assigned polling place on Election Day.

            Per State law, voters may only deliver three ballots (in addition to their own) to a drop box, mail box, and in-person to the Board of Elections. In addition, the “Bearer” section on the front of the return envelope must be signed in the presence of the voters whose ballots are being delivered. Identification must also be shown for delivery of ballots in-person to the Board of Elections.

            For more information about the General Election process and voter deadlines, please visit our website,

            christineVery truly yours,



            Christine Giordano Hanlon, Esq.

            Monmouth County Clerk

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