Tax Collector


The Tax Collector bills and collects all property taxes as established by the Tax Assessor. For those property owners who refuse to pay their tax bills, the Tax Collector is responsible for enforcement procedures, up to and including the sale of a lien against the properties to which taxes are delinquent. Records are maintained in the Tax Office for these lien holders and lien redemptions are processed through the Tax Collector’s Office. The Tax collector verifies delinquent tax balances (tax searches) for credit checks and works with the real estate title companies involved in that process.

Tax Schedule

Taxes are billed quarterly and are due February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st.  There is a ten-day grace period for each quarter. Property tax bills are issued once each year usually during the month of July.  Each bill contains 4 coupons.  The August and November coupons are final bills and are due in the current year.  The February and May coupons are for the upcoming year.  They are preliminary estimates based on the total taxes paid for the prior year.

If you are selling your property, please remit any remaining unpaid portion of your tax bill to the new owner.

Night Deposit Box

The night deposit box is available on the side of the building.  All payments will be posted on the following business day.

Senior / Veteran Deductions

For information regarding senior and veteran deductions offered at the municipal level, please see the Tax Assessors page.

Property Tax Reimbursement & ANCHOR Programs

For information regarding the Property Tax Reimbursement (“Freeze”) Program or the ANCHOR Program run by the State of NJ Division of Taxation, please visit their Property Tax Relief Programs page.

Tax Sales Certificates

For information regarding the recording of tax sale certificates or the recording of a tax sale certificate cancellation, please visit Monmouth County Clerk's Office.