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Link: 60Plus Website
Focus on federal news, legislative alerts, congressional scorecard, newsletter, and photo gallery.
Administration on Aging
Link: Administration on Aging Website
A Federal Government site. Includes Eldercare Locator, Resource Directory, calendar of events, NIA Age page, National Aging Information Center.
Age of Reason
Link: Age of Reason Website
Claims to have over 5,000 links for Seniors. International in scope. While there are some useful links targeted to Seniors, many of the links are generic and are targeted for all ages.
American Association for Retired People (AARP)
Link: American Association for Retired People Website
This is the largest association in the U.S. providing services and lobbying for Seniors. Their site has lots of information for healthy living, finances, planning, and education.
Link: Archives Website
Drugwatch - Hip Replacements
Link: Drugwatch Website
Hip replacements are a common surgery among seniors. This page has an overview of hip replacement surgery, the types of implants used, and information regarding complications and implant defects.
Drugwatch - Seniors
Link: Drugwatch Website has information specific to the aging population regarding medications and medical devices that could be harmful to your health.
Drugwatch - Xarelto
Link: Drugwatch Website
Information on a common blood thinner and the risk associated with it. There is also information regarding the FDA clinical studies and drugs that adversely react while on the blood thinner.
Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement
Link: Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement Website
EASI's mission is "to promote in senior Americans an environmental ethic that results in expanding their knowledge, commitment, and active involvement in protecting and caring for our environment for present and future generations."
Interactive Aging Network
Link: Interactive Aging Network Website
Health, legal, financial and entertainment resources. Dedicated to serving organizations that provide services to older adults.
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