Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month

Whereas, the maltreatment, abuse and neglect of children is a significant social problem that damages children physically, mentally and emotionally and inflicts immeasurable harm on society as a whole and all children deserve to be nurtured, protected and free from physical or emotional harm; and

Whereas, the State of New Jersey and the Department of Children and Families believe that the best place to raise children is among strong, healthy families; and

Whereas, the State of New Jersey is committed to building a continuum of community-based  child abuse prevention and intervention programs that are culturally competent, strength-based and family-centered and that achieve positive outcomes for parenting and family relationships as well as the empowerment of domestic violence victims and their children; and

Whereas, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families embraces the Standards for Prevention Programs developed by the New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect; and

Whereas, all sectors of the community, including law enforcement, medical professionals, schools, courts and media outlets, as well as numerous public and private agencies, have joined forces to promote public awareness and community involvement in strengthening families during the month of April and continuing throughout the year.

Now, therefore, on behalf of the Township Council, I, Fred Tagliarini, Mayor of the Township of Aberdeen, do hereby proclaim April 2014 as Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month and urge our residents to become involved in efforts aimed at strengthening families and communities and preventing our children from being abused and neglected. 

Date: April 15, 2014                                                   

Fred Tagliarini, Mayor
Township of Aberdeen