Moving & Parking Violations

Commonly Charged Offenses 

If the offense is not listed in our fee schedules, or it occurred in either a 65 Mile Per Hour Zone or Construction Zone, please contact the Municipal Court at 732-583-4200, ext. 105, 141, or 142 to determine the payable amount.

Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule

Ordinance (Under Title 39)OffensePenalty
3-4Unregistered vehicle $54
3-29Failure to exhibit documents (Excludes failure to exhibit insurance card.)$180
3-33Unclear plates $54
3-66Maintenance of lamps $54
4-76.2fFailure to wear seatbelt $46
4-81Failure to observe signal $85
4-85Improper passing $85
4-97Careless driving $85
4-124Failure to turn $85
4-144Failure to stop or yield $85
8-1Failure to inspect$130
8-4Failure to make repairs$130
4-98Speeding1 to 9 miles per hour - $85
10 to 14 miles per hour - $95
15 to 19 miles per hour - $105
20 to 24 miles per hour - $200

Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedule

Ordinance NumberOffensePenalty
39:4-135Parking Wrong Direction$54
9-3.6Traffic/Parking Ordinance Violation$44
9-3.10No Stopping or Standing$50


If you fail to appear in response to this summons or to pay the prescribed penalty, additional penalties may result, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driving privileges in new jersey may be revoked.

If you have been charged with a parking offense, your failure to appear or pay the prescribed penalty shall be considered an admission of liability and a default judgment may be entered against the owner of the vehicle.