Cat & Dog Licenses

Mandatory License

Township Ordinance requires that all dogs/cats be licensed and have a current tag affixed to a collar or harness. All dogs/cats 7 months or older, or having a permanent set of teeth, must be licensed.


  • Dogs/cats currently licensed in another town in New Jersey are not required to be re-licensed until the following year.
  • Newly acquired dogs/cats must be licensed within 10 days of acquisition.
  • Dogs/cats must be licensed within 10 days of reaching licensing age.
  • Dogs/cats currently licensed in another state must be re-licensed in the Township within 90 days.

Risks of Unlicensed Pets

  • Dogs/cats are not permitted to run at large. Owners may be subject to a fine.
  • Local ordinance requires that dog feces be removed immediately and disposed of in a sanitary manner.


  • All dog/cat licenses expire on January 31 of each year.
  • License must be issued in the name of an adult member of the household. 
  • There is no charge for licensing of Seeing Eye or Hearing Ear Dogs or service dogs for handicapped.

Rabies Vaccination Verification

Check rabies information and neuter status. If there have been any changes since the last registration, be sure to enclose the required veterinarian certificates, which will be returned. Rabies vaccination cannot expire before November of the licensing year. If you have not already qualified for a reduced license fee, you may do so only by enclosing a spay/neuter certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian. See license fee table.

Return the Application for Cat and Dog Licenses (PDF) with a check payable to Township of Aberdeen Health Department. Be sure to enclose the rabies certificate and spay/neuter certification where applicable. After validation, license will be returned by mail.


Late Fee After January 31 (except for first time licensing)$5


Aberdeen active volunteer firemen, first aid members and CERT volunteers pay only $1.20 for each license plus non-neutered fee if applicable. Applicants must complete the fee exemption form to be eligible.