Special Needs Registry


Register ReadyThe New Jersey Special Needs Registry has been established by the state Office of Emergency Management and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness with the assistance of Monmouth County Emergency Management. 

The registry is voluntary and free.  It is designed to assist first responders and emergency planners in identifying those residents that may need assistance in evacuating during an emergency when a family member or caregiver is unable to help them.

Who Should Register

You (or someone on your behalf) should register if you may find it difficult to get to safety with family or friends or to a public shelter during an emergency evacuation, because of a physical or cognitive limitation, language barrier, or lack of transportation.  Remember, your priority should be to relocate with a family member or friend first.

How to Register

There are various ways to register:

  • Visit New Jersey's Register Ready website to complete the online registry
  • Call toll free at 211 and register by telephone
  • Call 732-583-4200, ext. 220  to request a registration form, or download a copy of the Registration Form (PDF). Completed forms can be mailed directly to:
    Aberdeen Office of Emergency Management
    1 Aberdeen Square
    Aberdeen, NJ 07747
  • Forms are also available at:
    • Township Hall
    • George Hausmann Senior Center
    • Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library

Contact Us

For information on the Special Needs Registry, call Lieutenant Hausmann at 732-583-4200, ext. 220.