Immigrant Trust Directive

It is the policy of the Aberdeen Township Police Department to deal with the immigrant community in compliance with New Jersey Attorney General Directive 2018-6. Victims of qualifying crimes of criminal activity or human trafficking may be able eligible for a U Visa or a T Visa. 

Aliens or their representatives seeking certification for a U visa or T Visa will be referred to Aberdeen Police's Administrative Lieutenant,  Craig Hausmann. The Administrative Captain will cause an inquiry into the matter to determine if the alien has been:

  1. A victim of a qualifying crime under the jurisdiction of this department;
  2. Has specific knowledge and details of crime; and
  3. Has been, is being, or is likely to be helpful to law enforcement in the detection, investigation, or prosecution of the qualifying crime.

Aliens or their representatives seeking certification for crimes occurring outside the jurisdiction of Secaucus will be referred to the local jurisdiction or the county prosecutor’s office in which the crime occurred.

Upon determining that the alien has satisfied the above requirements, an assigned detective will execute Form I-918, Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification or Form I-914, Supplement B, Declaration of Law Enforcement Officer for Victim of Trafficking in Persons

The Chief of Police or his/her designee may withdraw or disavow a Form I-918B or Form I-914B at any time if a victim stops cooperating. 

  1. Craig Hausmann

    Administrative Captain
    Phone: 732-566-2054, ext. 220

  2. Police

    Fax: 732-583-7058