Tax Assessor


The Assessor’s office provides the information necessary to ensure an accurate valuation of properties and equitable distribution of the real estate tax levy, so that all taxpayers pay their fair share of the obligations of the schools, the county and the municipality.

It is the Assessor’s duty to continually process all changes in the status of a property, thereby ensuring that taxes are levied proportionally to all property owners.

Tax Forms

New Jersey Local Property Tax Forms (available on the New Jersey Tax website):

  • Added/Omitted Petition of Appeal
  • Property Tax Deduction Claim by Veteran or Surviving Spouse
  • Claim for Real Property Tax Deduction on Dwelling House of Qualified NJ Resident Senior Citizen, Disabled Person, or Surviving Spouse
  • Application for Real Property Tax Abatement for Residential Property in Urban Enterprise Zone

Residential Tax Exemption Program

On behalf of the Town Council, I want to inform you of a new exciting 5-year Tax Exemption program. This program will give you the following incentives:

  • To construct new a residential single dwelling - exemption is 30% of the additional new tax assessment
  • To construct an additional - exemption is $25,000 of the additional new tax assessment
  • New taxable Improvements to your home - exemption is $25,000 of the additional new tax assessment
  • Property must be at least 20 years or older
  • Property must be located within the Revitalization Zone - See the map depicting the Area in Need of Rehabilitation (PDF)

View the Tax Exemption form (PDF).

If you are interested in these programs or have questions regarding the qualifications, please contact Mr. Scott Kineavy, Tax Assessor 732-583-4200, ext. 122 for additional information.

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